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World AIDS Day has come to a close, but the movement has not!

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about Undetectable = Untransmittable in the month leading up to the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day on December 1st, participated in our World AIDS Day social media party, and have continued to share the movement since then. As we wind down from this important event, we want to remind everyone to please keep standing up to HIV stigma and sharing this crucial message throughout the year.

Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) is the scientific fact that people living with HIV who are taking their medication as prescribed and maintaining an undetectable viral load cannot pass on the virus to their sexual partners. The message is liberating for people living with HIV, many of whom have been living in fear of transmitting the virus. It also shows HIV-negative people how far we have come since the AIDS crisis and begins dismantling the stigma that has permeated public discourse about HIV since the 1980s.

We’ve put together some key messages about U=U because we believe this message should be clear, accessible, and widespread. We invite you to share these images and the U=U message far and wide. (Click on images to see full size)


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Say it loud, say it clear: If you are HIV-positive, taking successful treatment and maintaining an undetectable viral load, you cannot pass on the virus sexually.
Learn more at www.phan.ca
Say it loud, say it clear: because the more people know about the groundbreaking Undetectable = Untransmittable message, the sooner we can end HIV stigma.

Ending stigma means more people getting tested and getting faster access to treatment, fewer HIV transmissions, more informed policies, and more accessible services and social supports for people living with HIV. Help us spread the word and end HIV stigma!

Communicating with partners

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“When did you last get tested?”
“Will you go with me to get tested?”
“I care about keeping each other healthy.”
Effective communication with your partners and early detection and treatment of HIV are key to reducing the risk of transmission. Talking about testing, U=U, and HIV helps to keep everyone healthy.
Learn more at www.phan.ca
Education about #UequalsU starts with you. Learn more about how to talk about HIV, sexual health, and safer sex with your partners with this great resource by Act Against AIDS: https://www.cdc.gov/actagainstaids/campaigns/starttalking/convo.html

Experts agree

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Anthony S. Fauci, M.D.: “The science really does verify and validate U=U.”
Ginette Petitpas Taylor, Canada’s Minister of Health: “If it’s undetectable, it’s untransmittable!”
UNAIDS: “Achieving viral suppression … prevents transmission of HIV to other people.”
Scientists, governments, and activists around the world agree: People living with HIV who have an undetectable viral load cannot pass on the virus to their sexual partners.
Learn more at www.phan.ca
Governments, scientists, and activists agree that people living with HIV who have an undetectable viral load cannot transmit the virus to their sexual partners. 781 organizations from 75 countries have signed onto the U=U statement. Will you join us? https://www.preventionaccess.org/community

Undetectable = Untransmittable is undeniably supported by experts and evidence. Help us spread this game-changing message and end the stigma of HIV!

I got tested

Image text reads:
“I got tested”
“I got on treatment”
“I’m undetectable”
The earlier HIV is detected, the easier it is to suppress the virus to the point of it being undetectable, which means you can’t pass it on to sexual partners.
Learn more at www.phan.ca
The earlier HIV is detected, the easier it is for treatment to be successful and improve an HIV-positive person’s long-term health. Successful treatment suppresses the HIV virus to undetectable levels, meaning it CANNOT be passed on through sex.

The only way to know your HIV status is to get tested, so make HIV testing part of your regular health routine! Learn more at http://www.phan.ca.

The science is clear

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“HIV treatment lowers your viral load”
“Viral load the main factor in HIV transmission”
“Studies show zero transmissions with an undetectable viral load”
The science is clear: if you are taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) and maintaining an undetectable viral load, you have zero risk of transmitting HIV sexually.
Learn more at www.phan.ca
The science is clear. A person who is living with HIV who consistently adheres to their treatment and maintains an undetectable viral load CANNOT transmit HIV to their sexual partners. Get the facts at https://www.preventionaccess.org/ and help rewrite the narrative of HIV based on science, not stigma.

However you say it

Image text reads:
“Knocking boots”
“Horizontal tango”
However you say it, you can say it with confidence: sex with an HIV-positive person who is on successful treatment poses zero risk of transmission.
Learn more at www.phan.ca
However you say if, you can say it with confidence: sex with an HIV-positive person who is on successful treatment poses zero risk of HIV transmission. That’s because consistent treatment can suppress the virus in a person’s body to undetectable levels, meaning that the HIV can’t be detected using standard testing methods. If a person’s viral load is undetectable, the virus is untransmittable through sex.

Know the science. Ditch the stigma. Learn more about the Undetectable = Untransmittable message at https://www.phan.ca/uequalsu/.

Learn more

Want to find out more about U=U? See the original messaging from Prevention Access or read our article, Undetectable = Untransmittable is a Game Changer for HIV Stigma, on the benefits of this groundbreaking message.

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